Writer's Block: Your Favorite Series: One Last Go Round

If you could pick any TV show that has been off the air to come back for one more season, which show would you pick and why?

The 4400, becuase it was the best show on TV, and they really should at least finish the story and tie up all the loose ends. I miss that one so much and none of the other shows that are on right now can compare.

Having a rather geeky moment

So, I got a free sample of Anti-Perspirant in the mail and the scent is
called "smooth cashmere." The first thing I thought of was how long it's
been since I've heard the song Kashmir, so I went hunting on YouTube and
found this nifty Jethro Tull/Lucia Micarelli cover:

Okay, now I'm going to get back to studying for my exams!
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